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Education is the key to profitable success in any market and the FOREX in particular.

Volatility of FOREX market is something you look for when you want fast returns profits from an investment. And there must be clearly identifiable trends to be able to predict and take advantage of the large movements in the market. Many of these movements can be identified before they occur.

Why would you risk your hard-earned money without knowing what you are doing?

If you are not a gambler, you have to learn to play the market at the optimal time, using common sense and considering probabilities.

It is not difficult to learn - it just takes time and practice.

Going though the links below you can get a lot of useful information you'll need to be a successful trader.

FOREX EDUCATION - Investor's encyclopedia. - Financial dictionary. - Finance glossary. - Free forex books. - Technical Analysis (Indicators, Patterns, Strategies). - Technical analysis. - Forex courses (Technical, fundamental analysis).

FINANCIAL NEWS - BBC News. - Reuters News. - CNN News. - Bloomberg News.

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS AND FORECASTS - Technical and fundamental analysis reports, Elliott wave trade ideas, Candlesticks trade ideas. - Daily forex outlook. - Intraday forex reports.
Elliott Wave International - wave analysis. - Currencies, commodities and stocks forecasts.


Stone and McCarthy Research and Associates - Fundamental research and commentary.

FOREX MAGAZINES - Currency Trader Magazine. - Active Trader Magazine. - Global Finance Magazine. - Futures Magazine. - Technical Analysis of Stocks & Commodities Magazine.

PUBLIC FOREX FORUMS - Forex Factory Forum. - Financial Community.


What is mini forex?

A mini forex trading account allows using 10,000 units of base currency as a trading lot. One pip is nearly $1. Mini forex trading accounts require a relatively small amount of upfront capital to get started. Account can be opened with as little as $100.

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